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Statement,  4th  September 2007

Freedom for Jose Maria Sison!

On Tuesday 28th August the Dutch police arrested J. M. Sison at Utrecht, where he has lived for years. It searched and turned upside down many seats of organism of Filipino resistance and its members’ homes, and sequestrated material of propaganda and auxiliary all around Holland. Since many years J. M. Sison is the most renowned exponent and spokesperson in the world of Filipino people’s movement for social emancipation and national liberation. On Friday 31st August the Dutch magistracy of The Hague prolonged his arrest until 14th September.

Let’s denounce the Dutch Authorities and European Union’s operation against Filipino people’s movement for social emancipation and national liberation!

Let’s mobilize every kind of solidarity with J.M. Sison and the other members of Filipino people’s communist and democratic movement persecuted in European Union!

Stop the persecutions against the exponents Filipino People’s communist and democratic movement!

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The Filipino popular masses are oppressed and exploited by the world imperialist system, by Filipino comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie, by Catholic clergy and large landowners. Millions of women and men are obliged to emigrate for earning their living. The Catholic Church takes advantage of the misery for recruiting lots of children and making them priests and nuns to be used also in other countries. As happens to the great part of immigrant labourers, in many countries the Filipino workers undergo any kind of vexations and exploitation. The present government of the Philippines, the Arroyo government, has been created by the imperialist system, and particularly by the USA and the Filipino exploiting classes. Even if since years it has adopted any kind of manoeuvres and weapons and can count on the support of imperialists, Vatican and other reactionaries all around the world, it has not been able to win the Resistance of the popular masses that struggle for establishing in the Philippines a democratic order following the strategy of the revolutionary protracted people’s war, led by the Communist Party and organized in the National Democratic Front and in the New People’s army. That is why the Arroyo government is looking for the collaboration of the Authorities of European Union countries for striking the exponents and spokespersons of the Resistance living in Europe. Since years the Dutch government and the European Union collaborate with the reactionary government of the Philippines and are accomplices of its infamies. Lastly, the European Union organized its collaboration with Arroyo government in the “struggle against terrorism”. The persecution of J. M. Sison and other exponents of Filipino Resistance aims to blackmail the Communist Party and all the Filipino popular movement, to hinder their work, to prevent European popular masses’ solidarity with the Filipino people’s Resistance.


Let’s transform European imperialist bourgeoisie’s attack against Filipino Resistance in a campaign of solidarity and fraternization of our country popular masses with the exponents of Filipino Resistance and with Filipino labourers immigrated in our country!

Let’s make know the Filipino Resistance to our country workers!  


The arrest of J. M. Sison and the persecution of the Filipino communist and democratic movement deny the pretensions of European Authorities, and particularly the Dutch ones, that set up themselves as an example, as masters and judges of democracy for all the world and want to impose again their will to all countries, as when they were colonial powers.

They also deny the propaganda that Communism is dead. They confirm that this propaganda is only an operation for intoxicating the popular masses of our countries, for preventing and suffocating their resistance, stifling the trust in their capacity to build a new world, equal to the most advanced ideas, to the best feelings and most modern productive forces we have.

The Authorities of the imperialist countries not only collaborate among themselves against European Communists, progressists, honest trade unionists and advanced workers. They also collaborate with the Authorities of semi-colonial and oppressed countries in the repression of communist, progressive and antimperialist movement. All the States of European Union are increasing the measures of control and repression, the arrests and extradition of political exponents of the oppressed countries: of Turkey, of Arabian and Muslim countries, of the Philippine and of other countries.

All the Communists, the progressists and the democratic people of our country and of other European countries are called to protest and demonstrate against these measures, and to demand to cease them and to solidarize with people and organizations that have been stricken. It’s interest of workers, popular masses and all progressive and democratic exponents of European countries to oppose the rising wave of political repression, of the reduction of union rights and of reactionary culture in Europe. The arrest of J. M. Sison and the other repressive measures done in these days by Dutch Authorities against exponents of Filipino communist, democratic and progressive movement do not hit only the strains for social emancipation and national liberation of the Filipino people. They also constitute an important worsening of political persecution and repression that hit the workers and progressists in all the countries of European Union. It’s another alarm for the communist parties of European countries for strengthening and improving their capacity to resist the repression. The popular masses’ mobilization against repression and in initiative of solidarity with comrades and organizations that have been hit is the widest and indispensable base for an effective resistance of communist parties against repression.

The solidarity with the communist, democratic and antimperialist movements of the oppressed countries strengthens the resistance of the popular masses of our country against the elimination of the conquests. Oppressed peoples’ struggle strengthens our struggle. Our struggle and solidarity strengthens oppressed peoples’ struggle.


Let’s make know and denounce Dutch Authorities’ collaboration, and in general the collaboration of the Authorities of the European imperialist countries with governments and Authorities of oppressed countries!

No to the collaboration of the Authorities of European countries and EU with the classes that are exploiting the Filipino people and oblige millions of labourers to emigrate!

Solidarity with exponents and organizations of Filipino communist and democratic movement!

Let’s denounce repression! Let’s unmask the hypocrisy by which the exploiters of labourers and popular masses pose as masters of democracy against the communist and progressive movement of exploited classes and oppressed peoples!

Their democracy is nothing else than the freedom of rich people to propose different faces and slogans to the popular masses. Freedom to propagandize them through billionaires advertising campaigns and to impose them to the popular masses with operations for diverting them from the real problems, of evasion form reality, of confusion, intoxication and brutishment of consciousness and so levering on the electoral legitimation of constituted authorities, for making the popular masses swallow the bitter medicine of the elimination of the conquests of civilization and welfare they were able to wring out from bourgeoisie during the first wave of proletarian revolution.

Let’s promote stands by firms, schools, institutes and territorial collectives, by political, union and cultural organizations, by personalities asserting solidarity with the comrades arrested and those persecuted in other ways, and condemning persecution!

Let’s organize everywhere demonstrations of every kind of protest against the national and European Authorities and particularly against the Dutch ones: embassies, consulates, commercial and cultural agencies!

Let’s promote in our country popular masses and true democratic people’s solidarity with immigrant workers and their struggle for the defence and the widening of their political and union rights!

Let’s promote in our country popular masses and true democratic people’s solidarity with the exponents of movements communist, progressive or even also of resistance against imperialist oppression and aggression of oppressed countries!

Freedom for comrade J. M. Sison!

reference: <defenddemrights@yahoo.com>, www.defendsison.be, tel. 00 31 30 88 95 306,

fax 00 31 30 84 75 89 930